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Feminism through YouTube and theatre

April 14, 2022
Reading Journal XIV: Why Love Hurts

Hello! I read “Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation”, by Eva Illouz, published in 2013. For Eva Illouz, the idea of suffering is inextricably linked to the experience of loving. In this book, she emphasizes the added dimension that gender brings into romantic relationships and shows that cultural scripts related to romantic love have a […]

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March 25, 2022
Reading Journal XIII: Women in Hipsterland

Hello! I have more things to say about the essay „Hipster, sinecdocă. Erou al clasei de mijloc sau țap ispășitor” or “Hipster, Synecdoche. Middle Class Hero or Scapegoat”, by Ciprian State, published in 2019, in the book “Hipsteri, bobos și clase creative”, or “Hipster, Bobos and Creative Classes”. The text itself doesn’t contain a lot […]

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March 11, 2022
Reading Journal XII: the Long Term Sexual Relationship

Hello! We’ve already talked about the book “The Sexual Revolution” by Wilhelm Reich, published in 1936. Along with exploring the reasons why the sexual revolution was not advancing in the 1930s, with post-revolutionary Russia as an example, the analysis of the progressive legislation which didn’t really achieve full success in the same country, Reich also […]

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March 4, 2022
Reading Journal XI: Research methods

Hello! I reread “Forschungsmethoden” (which means ‘research methods’), by Dr. Cornelius Remschmidt (2015). „Forschungsmethoden” a fost un modul de studiu despre metode de cercetare științifică pe care l-am urmat în cadrul masterului de Sănătate Public de la Berlin School of Public Health, Charité Universitätmedizin. Because over time, I received, at SEXUL vs BARZA, many requests […]

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February 25, 2022
Reading Journal X: She Said

Hello! I read the book “She Said”, by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, published in 2020. The book is written by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, the two journalists from The New York Times who broke the story on Harvey Weinstein, one of the articles which kickstarted the international #metoo movement. What I found compelling […]

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February 18, 2022
Reading Journal IX: State of Emergency

Hello! I read “State of Emergency: How We Win in the Country We Built”, by Tamika D. Mallory, published in 2021. It is a book about the continuing effects of systemic racism in the United States and it draws possible strategies through which people of color can fight for justice, in an age when tensions […]

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February 4, 2022
Reading Journal VIII: Sex by Design

Hello! I read “Sex by Design: The Betty Dodson Story”, by Betty Dodson, published in 2016. “Sex By Design” is a memoir, the story of one woman’s fight for the liberation of female sexuality, as well as liberating her own sexuality – and the pleasure that comes with this. Dodson realized that many women aren’t […]

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January 21, 2022
Reading Journal VII: The Mass Psychology of Fascism

Hello!  I’ve read „The Mass Psychology of Fascism”, written by psychiatrist and psychoanalist  Wilhelm Reich, published in 1933. In the book, the author tries to work out the way in which fascists accumulate power by politically and ideologically oppressing the masses. In this type of regime, the women are the subordinates of men in hierarchies […]

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January 7, 2022
Reading Journal VI: Hipster, Synecdoche

Hello! I read the essay „Hipster, sinecdocă. Erou al clasei de mijloc sau țap ispășitor” or “Hipster, Synecdoche. Middle Class Hero or Scapegoat”, by Ciprian State, published in 2019, in the book “Hisperi, bobos și clasele creative”, or “Hipster, Bobos and Creative Classes”. The history of Romanian hipsterism can be looked at as the history […]

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