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Reading Journal IX: State of Emergency

February 18, 2022


I read “State of Emergency: How We Win in the Country We Built”, by Tamika D. Mallory, published in 2021.

It is a book about the continuing effects of systemic racism in the United States and it draws possible strategies through which people of color can fight for justice, in an age when tensions reach a fever pitch, for the first time since the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

While reading this book, I wanted to know more about how we can achieve radical changes when it comes to racism perpetuated by institutions and how activism can help with that – how we can build coalitions, how we can challenge the power of the state and how we can draw in new people in movements for justice, safety and prosperity for all.

The role of feminism in racist systems is one of the topics in a series of 15 videos I’m working on as part of the EGALIS project.




The "EGALIS: Gender equality through social change and education" project, developed by the Partnership for Equality Center, in partnership with the Front Association, AnA - the Scientific Society for Feminist Analysis, ACTEDO - the Action Center for Equality and Rights Association Man, PLURAL Association and SEX vs The STORK Association, with financial support from Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants Grants 2014 -2021.

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