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Reading Journal VII: The Mass Psychology of Fascism

January 21, 2022


I’ve read „The Mass Psychology of Fascism”, written by psychiatrist and psychoanalist  Wilhelm Reich, published in 1933.

In the book, the author tries to work out the way in which fascists accumulate power by politically and ideologically oppressing the masses. In this type of regime, the women are the subordinates of men in hierarchies which mirror the hierarchy of the authoritarian state on a micro scale.

What interested me about the book is that under fascism and authoritarian regimes, gender roles are fixed and rigid, which leaves no room for feminism. Reich believed that this sexual repression – for both women and men – makes people obedient and afraid of authority.

What is feminism within a fascist regime is the topic of one of the 15 new videos about feminism, a part of the EGALIS project.




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