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Reading Journal IV - The Sexual Revolution 

December 16, 2021


I recently read the book “The Sexual Revolution”, by Wilhelm Reich, published in 1936.

Reich was one of Freud’s proteges, who came up with some ‘heretical’ ideas which contradicted his teacher. He was convinced that emotions and politics have a direct impact on our bodies. In “The Sexual Revolution”, Reich explores the reasons why the sexual revolution was not advancing in the 1930s, and he studied the situation in Russia during that decade.

I was interested in the way the progressive laws in Russia at the time influenced the social and implicitly the sexual revolution, but most of all the reason why those laws had limited success.

The sexual revolutions and its effects, whether they were progress or reaction, is one of the topics we engage with in our new project, which is made up of 15 new videos about feminism.


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