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We're preparing a kit to make feminism more friendly

December 3, 2021

Today's girls, along with the boys, will live in a better world if they continue, adapt and assume the aspirations, ideas and involvement of feminist generations before them. Are today's young people willing to claim what is yet to be claimed, to adjust what is yet to be adjusted, to change what is yet to be changed?

In order for  new generations to take over and shape the feminism of tomorrow, they must have access to the right information, receive a minimum training in the spirit of feminist values, be in touch with feminists who can share what civic activism and feminism mean. 

For this intergenerational transfer to be possible, we believe  an effort is needed to update and adapt the discourse of the "right holders" of today's feminism in Romania. This is the spirit in which we will design a kit for befriending feminism.   

It will be an accessible, interactive material that will provide a minimal dictionary of terms regarding feminism, along with a set of information about feminism and women’s emancipation movements in Romania and in the world.    

It will also dismantle some myths about feminism and stimulate students’ critical thinking, by outlining questions and topics for thought for those who want to find out what isbehind the word that begins with "F" and which still gives rise to so much controversy.

The activity is part of the project "EGALIS: Gender equality through social change and education", developed by the Partnership for Equality Center, in partnership with the Front Association, AnA - the Scientific Society for Feminist Analysis, ACTEDO - the Action Center for Equality and Rights Association Man, PLURAL Association and SEX vs The STORK Association, with financial support from Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants Grants 2014 -2021.

Working together for an inclusive Europe! 

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