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Most Romanian High School Students Learn about Feminism from the Internet, not from School

September 29, 2021

AnA Society for Feminist Analyses conducted a research among Romanian high school students to find out their perception of the concept of feminism and the connotations that the term has for them.

The processing of 147 questionnaires (81 girls and 61 boys, 5 questionnaires did not have information on sex or name) showed that:

  • The vast majority of high school students have heard about feminism (137 of 147).
  • The vast majority of high school students have heard about feminism from the Internet. Very few mentioned other sources (such as: older siblings, TV series, family). Only 20 students heard about feminism at school.
  • For boys, feminism is about conflict and war of the sexes. For girls, about equality and empowerment.

This is what a feminist looks like for a teenager:

Therefore, the research shows that most high school students heard about the concept of feminism, and the main source of information was the Internet. Less than 15% received the information at school. For most boys, the term has negative connotations - of conflict, while for most girls, feminism is positive and it means empowerment and equality.

Stay tuned for new research data that will be made public soon.

The activity is part of the project "EGALIS: Gender equality through social change and education", developed by the Partnership for Equality Center, in partnership with the Front Association, AnA - the Scientific Society for Feminist Analysis, ACTEDO - the Action Center for Equality and Rights Association Man, PLURAL Association and SEX vs The STORK Association, with financial support from Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants Grants 2014 -2021.

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